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Urban Shadows: The Damned & Forgotten Character Creation

Urban Shadows: The Damned & Forgotten Character Creation

August 24, 2019

This is character creation for our next Saturday campaign, which takes place in Julia's home city of Youngstown! Urban Shadows is a Powered By the Apocalypse game of neo-noir urban fantasy, where the characters are constantly inching ever closer to becoming the corruption they seek to save their city from. We've got Shell as the Fae, Mix as the Tainted, Heave as the Hunter, Dijon as the Hallowed, and Joe as the Wizard, each of which is ready to be plunged directly into Julia's shitty re-imagining of Youngstown as a den of occult corruption and crime. Come for the long discussion of Youngstown's history and socio-economic make up, stay for the fact that every character knows each other thanks them all playing a specific MMO.

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