Pen & Paper Bullshit

No Country For Old Kobolds: To Koboldly Go Episode IX

January 2, 2019

It has all been leading up to this, all the hours of training and adventuring, all to topple the terrible kobold regime that has taken over Swatcherland! The Heroes of Green Hills must pit themselves against the Champions of Temperance in this all out grudge match! Who will win? Who will die? Will Susie get the sweet, sweet revenge she deserves for what the kobolds done did to her pa and his farm? Will Reginald smite the heathen before him and bring them low? Will Acid Rain's insane quest to save the environment finally see its end? And just who are these people and what happened to our good kobold boys?

All this and more will be answered in this, the final episode of To Koboldy Go!

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