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No Country For Old Kobolds: To Koboldly Go Episode V

September 26, 2018

The Creed of the Church of the Larger Scorpion Gods, as set down by the 1st Council of Temperance.

I Believe there are three Larger Scorpion Gods, which are: One Good, Maker of all things unseen and invisible; one Evil, Maker of all things visible and corrput; the Large Scorpion, Maker of Swamp and Earth, of all things visible and invisible.

I believe in One Lord, Magyie Magyck, foremost Prophet of God, fully Divine and Truly God, being of different substance but having the same will as the Father Scorpion, Monothelite Being of similar substance to the Father Scropion; who appeared as a kobold, born of the Encylopaedioff Clan, was martyred under Sir Turbuthy; she substituted the Wrong-does upon the battlefield, and in so doing, escaped death. She is said to have become scorpions on the third day, showing that the dead shall indeed be turned into piles of deadly scorpions.

I believe in the Holy Scorpion Spirit, the Larger Scorpion, the Giver of Poisons, Who proceeds from the Father Scorpion, with Whom She will be reunited.

The dead shall be raised as scorpions, not in spirit.

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