Pen & Paper Bullshit

Part-Time Gods 2E: The Knights of Columbus Character Creation

January 23, 2019

The gods are not dead, despite what some mortals claim; no, they're very much alive and kicking in the modern world. Of course, being a god isn't a full time gig anymore, so the gods of today are forced to work part-time, with one foot in the divine and the other in the mundane, balancing their humanity and divinity in an effort to keep themselves centered and rational.

The Knights of Columbus, just one of the many pantheons of modern day gods in the city, are a rag-tag band of individuals; a Goddess of Knowledge rubs shoulders with the God of the Audience, while the Gods of Locks and Taxonomy make deals with the Goddess of the Hunt to protect their territory against other local gods. So far, they've only had to deal with the relatively mundane aspects of godhood, but something under Columbus is awakening, and its none too happy; will the Knights rise to the challenge, or will they fall?

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