Pen & Paper Bullshit

RuneQuest: Now Comes the Fire 1

August 11, 2021

The year is 1619 and, like the dreaded walktapus, the Lunar Empire has spread its tentacles to encompass nearly all of Sartar, with only the city of Whitewall remaining free. In the Colymar tribe, King Kangharl, with the help of the Lunars, has seized the throne from his cousin Leika; it is a dark time for the free people of Sartar, one that looks like it will never end. In particular, the Haraborn clan, the smallest member of the Colymar tribe, have begun to suffer, as an ill wind blows in on the Feast of Sartar the Founder: two young boys of the clan have gone missing, with no clues to as where they have gone. Thankfully, four adventurers from abroad have decided to call Black Stag Vale their home, offering a small chance at solving this perplexing mystery and lifting the spirits of their adopted clan.

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