Pen & Paper Bullshit

RuneQuest: Now Comes the Fire Character Creation

July 30, 2021

Its RuneQuest time! We're going to play the latest edition of RuneQuest by Chaosium, which is, honestly, full of really weird rules and overly complex mechanics; if you find yourself interested in it (or just really like Glorantha, the epic setting of RuneQuest), then we strongly suggest you check out the really, really, really good character sheet over at Roll20, which does all the fiddly math and tracks lots of the odd mechanics for you.

Anyways, this is character creation for our RuneQuest campaign, set during the opening days of the Hero Wars, before the sacking of the Lunar Temple in Sartar. If none of that makes sense to you, the party is a talking duck, a werewolf, a secret Lunar priest, and a very angry man who wants to eat a flying bull; it promises to be a very wild ride.

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