Pen & Paper Bullshit

13th Age: Wild Hunt

December 9, 2019

Pen & Paper Bullshit's first long form campaign, spanning more than ten episodes, 13th Age: Wild Hunt is also the only ongoing campaign listed on this side bar; this is because each section can be broken down into neat chapters and mini-arcs, providing the perfect place to start if you just want to get into the campaign. This page will be updated once each chapter is completed, but if you want to see things in real time the campaign also has a thread over on you can visit for supplemental materials and the like. As a final note, this campaign is more character driven and serious (though it still has some incredibly funny moments) and deals with issues such as xenophobia, racism, and self doubt. If that doesn't sound good to you or like something you can personally handle, there is absolutely no shame in taking a pass on this campaign!





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