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Dresden Files: Falling Down

January 28, 2019

Dresden Files RPG: Falling Down

Monsters lurk in the darkness, waiting to prey upon the unsuspecting. In the shadows, men and women practice magic and follow secret laws. Within the mundane, exists the supernatural, and there are those who are able to move between these two worlds: changelings, with one foot in Fairie and one in the human world. Wizards, who seek out wisdom and power and, in so doing, live for centuries. Vampires, werewolves, children of dragons, mortals touched by the supernatural; all this and more one layer under the real world, forced into the shadows for safety and secrecy. This, then, is the secret world of London, where night club owners parley with vampires, and the largest corporation in the city is run by the children of a dragon. In this shadow world, wizards plot against the Fairie courts, and vampires wage secret wars, and London teeters on the edge. It'll only take a slight push to make everything fall down. And that push has just happened.

There's been a murder of a politically active changeling, who advocates for leaving the old Fairie court behind and creating a free court in London. All signs point to the Queen of London's fey, but she claims she's been framed; unfortunately, she also claims she's been tricked into not revealing who actually did the crime. London is ready to erupt into violence, and only a group of ragtag investigators can stop it. They've got a week and a day to find the real killer, or the fey of London go to war.


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