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Eclipse Phase: Tell No Tales

January 28, 2019

Eclipse Phase 2E: Tell No Tales

Set in humanity's future, Earth has fallen to the TITANs, a group of rogue seed AI that were, for a time, intent on destroying humanity. Forced to take to the stars, humanity has become something more: they have become transhumans. In Eclipse Phase your mind is software and your body can be replaced; as long as your ego survives and you don't go insane, you'll live forever. That brings us to Firewall. Faced with the prospect of transhumanity's complete and total death by forces they don't fully understand, Firewall was born. Firewall is a shadowy, independent organization dedicated to protecting transhumanity at any cost; their bodies, their minds, their reputations, nothing is too much a sacrifice for the agents of Firewall. Well, at least that's what the leaders of the conspiracy think.

Enter our team of Firewall agents, sent on what seems to be a simple mission to find out what happened to one of their informants on Mars; for such a seemingly benign op, Firewall sends an eclectic force of weirdos. What should be a simple investigation rapidly spins into something beyond their control, as they confront a conspiracy dating back to before the fall of Earth...


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