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Unknown Armies: Super Charge Me

January 28, 2019

Unknown Armies 3E: Super Charge Me

Magick (not magic, goddamnit!) is real, and its beautiful, wonderful, and strange; it'll make you more powerful than you could ever imagine, it'll make all your wildest dreams come true, make you better, stronger, faster, smarter! All you have to do is pay the price. Whether you're so obsessed you bend reality around your obsession or someone who walks the path of an archetype recognized by humanity's collective unconscious, you'll find yourself in possession of mind bending powers, at the cost of your very self; your magick is either all consuming, the center of your world, or you forsake your core self to become something better. You're an adept or an avatar, your power is beautiful, it makes you wonderful, and you're stuck being a strange weirdo following a set of esoteric rules. Welcome to Unknown Armies.

Enter the Small Business Council, a cabal of occult weirdos who have caught wind of something very strange going down in Las Vegas; apparently some shadowy conspiracy is buying up all the fast food joints to... set off a magickal nuke? Yeah it doesn't make sense, but when has that ever stopped folks with more power than sense from getting involved? Follow them as they stumble from clue to clue, accidentally thwarting... something along the way and, finally, ask themselves: Was it all worth it? Of course, by then its almost always too late.


On top of the above episodes, I also ran a one-shot of Unknown Armies that directly ties into the campaign. If you want to know just who the fuck this Bill Toge guy is, check out Bill in Three Persons. You don't need to listen to it, but it'll almost certainly add some context to the campaign and what's going on outside of Las Vegas.

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