Pen & Paper Bullshit

13th Age: Wild Hunt V

March 8, 2019

The kobold town of Diktunairy, named after the mystical tome given to them by the kobold wizard Lighnin Fingur, is within spitting distance of the caravan's ultimate goal of Forge and one of the few places left to trade before they enter the realm of the Glittering King. Biddle, the mysterious owner of the caravan, always stops in Diktunairy to trade with the kobolds, making him one of the few that does so and allowing the ramshackle town to survive on the edges of civilization. For their part, the kobolds of Dikunairy are more than happy to welcome the caravan into their small town; instead of fearing the unknown and the strange, the kobolds accept it and welcome it with open arms. But something lurks in the shadows, waiting to prey upon the good-natured folks of Diktunairy, something never seen before in this Age, something that'll redefine how Hugh understands his people and himself.

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