Pen & Paper Bullshit

RuneQuest: Now Comes the Fire 9

February 10, 2022

The king of the Colymar tribe, Kangharl, marches on Black Stag Vale, brining an army of Sartarites against the Haraborn for the crimes of tax evasion, breaking the Lunar Peace, and treason against the king. He brings with him the promise of the total destruction of the Haraborn by destroying their wyter, the spirit of their clan and community; should the Black Stag be killed, the Haraborn as a people will never exist again. Thankfully, the Heroes of the Haraborn are there to protect their chosen clan. The prologue of Now Comes the Fire reaches its climactic end!


Note: There was a slight recording issue, at about 45 minutes; we've fixed it as best we can!

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