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Fan Art

January 28, 2019

Fan Art

Sometimes people make art for the podcast, and that's neat! You can find it here, organized for your viewing pleasure. If you have some fan art you'd like to be put on this page, you can send it to Julia at; just make sure you make the subject something like "neat fan art!" or something similar or it might be ignored! Sorry!

 Anise Alluria, from Bill in Three Persons

Anise Alluria, by Shell_Game

Alex Jackson, from Bill in Three Persons

Alex Jackson, by Goop

Crab Battle, from Tell No Tales

Crab Battle, by Amelia Blank

The Dice Buddies!

Dice Buddies, by Dijon Du Jour

Jack Caiman, but real uggo

Jack Caiman, by Frank West

Bliss Silverwink, from Those Who Cannot Do

Professor Bliss Silverwink, by Shell_Game

Jo-Bob, a kobold

Jo-bob-ji-mi Zar-Yi-Gway-Ah, by Dijon Du Jour

Dr. Clau Quirk, genius scientistOtto Mattox, helpful assistant

Dr. Clau Quirk and Otto Mattox, by Shell_Game

Some sort of kobold pamphlet??

A pamphlet from the Church of the Larger Scorpion God, by Great Joe

This Episode Doesn't Need A Title, Man

Yavuz, who played Raven in Super Charge Me, wrote a story about Wilde Staroak, the leader of Raven's Wicca coven. You can find it here.

A series of covers by Julia for the City of Glass campaign.

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