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Pigsmoke: Those Who Cannot Do

January 28, 2019

Pigsmoke: Those Who Cannot Do

In the world of Pigsmoke, magic is real, the prophesied chosen one is right around the corner, and confusing wizard sports are, inexplicably, popular. And at the center of this wonderful magical world sits the hallowed halls of Pigsmoke, a world renown college for those who wish to learn the sorcerous arts, with a storied history full of heroes and villains, legendary artifacts, and epic struggles. But what about the professors who raise up these future legends, who teach them the arcane secrets hidden in the shadows? What if, instead of following the likable, approachable young adult approved protagonist, we followed the haggard, stressed, and plotting academics?

Its a new year at Pigsmoke, and things are afoot. What kind of things? Budget things! Join the faculty of Pigsmoke as they struggle mightily against their greatest enemy: an outsider trying to balance the school's budget by cutting their funding! What should be a mundane problem is anything but for the esteemed professors of Pigsmoke!


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